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Windmill City was my senior thesis film inspired by a love for realism filmmaking. Over the summer of 2018, I was captivated as I drove through a field of windmills on my way to the Adirondacks. I wanted to create a story of a relationship that wasn’t perfect - but a relationship that was experiencing change and growing pains. I wanted to capture the essence of a transitional period in the lives of two people in love and show that relationships must take effort, growth, and change to have longevity.

For me, it’s not responsible to lie and say that everyone in long-term relationships is always happy or things are always running smoothly, but it’s important to show all the different dynamics that come together when people share their whole lives with one another.

In January 2021, Windmill City won the North Country Filmmaker Award short film category at  Snowtown Film Festival & was nominated for 'Best Woman Director' & 'Best First-Time Director' at Indie Short Fest July 2020. 

No One Left was filmed in early 2017 in around the south end of Skaneateles Lake. The story was based on a series of nightmares I had back in 2016. Filmed with a tiny crew of eight people, I wanted to showcase the vast and beautiful landscapes of the area to really emphasize the isolated and lonely feelings of the characters. No One Left premiered in 2019 at ArtRage Gallery in Syracuse NY, for NOT NORMAL: Art In The Age Of Trump

6 swans was a result of some of my earlier experimentations with 2D cut paper animation. It’s based on the Brothers Grimm fairytale; one of the lesser-known tales, at least in the United States. I love this film because I truly had fun creating it and it was like taking a vacation during the stressful times of film school. This film has screened in Canada, Belgium, the UK, and in several U.S. cities throughout 2020 & 2021.

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