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Screenwriting Artist Statement

I'm a writer who's fascinated by the strangeness of real life. I love describing experimental visuals, building strange worlds and creating odd characters.


I grew up watching 90s and early 2000s cartoons that had a huge impact on my creativity. At sixteen, I began my professional experience with writing when I was hired part-time to write as a freelance journalist, and wrote articles varying in length and topic throughout high school and college. During the early days of the pandemic, I wrote listicles for ScreenRant on some of my favorite TV shows and films. Once I found work as a video producer, I researched, developed and wrote dozens of narration, voiceover and explainer video scripts, along with unscripted documentary-style interview outlines for long-form videos between 2021 and 2023. 


Some genres I love are sitcom, sketch comedy, surreal humor, absurdism, sci-fi/fantasy, horror, surreal/experimental drama, and social realism. Some script formats I've written are short film, quarter-hour shorts, sketches, half-hour comedy, and half-hour drama. I was raised in Skaneateles New York, and was taught a lot of Haudenosaunee culture in public school growing up. I'm very interested in Native American stories and legends, and I hope to someday have the opportunity to collaborate with diverse voices and work alongside creators from cultures such as these. I want to be apart of the process and support other creators bring to life the unique and underrepresented tales from their communities.


My goal is to work in scripted development for animated television and film; I would also be excited for opportunities in live-action television, short film, feature film, and episodic content. I'm someone who loves working on a team, collaborating on developing ideas, and have always excelled in group projects. 


Screenplays & Scripts

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 2.36.51 PM.png

Half-Hour Animated Series Pilot - Comedy/Adventure

Young Ahnah is the newly-appointed captain of her snowmobile racing squad in a post-apocalyptic world where she’s learning to find her feet as a leader, avoiding drama with ruthless rival teams, and navigating all the usual hang ups that come with perpetual nuclear winter.

script excerpt 

pitch deck 


TV & Film Pitch Deck Presentation in Black and White Red Dark & Serious Style.png

Lyta & Tala's Snowbound Survival School
Half-Hour Series Pilot - Dram-edy , Post-Apocalyptic 

Five new survivors arrive at an Inuit-run sanctuary community, which serves as one of the only safe places left in a post-apocalyptic nuclear winter.

script excerpt

pitch deck (coming soon)


Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 11.12.30 PM.png

Half-Hour Series Pilot - Stoner Comedy

Three Friends entering into their 2nd semester at their local community college vow to break into the school's infamous hippie clique with ties to a friendly local commune - but they soon realize the people and lifestyle they'd been idolizing isn't everything they thought it was.

script excerpt

pitch deck (password protected)


Trash Cats
Web Series & Quarter-Hour Sitcom Shorts 

A group of townies struggle to change their hedonistic ways in the underbelly of a seemingly-picturesque college town.

Awards: Channel 1o1 - The Channies 2023: Best Animation

Duck & Red Octopus Film Festival 2023 - Best Adult Animated Short 

Official Selections / Featured On: The American Cinematheque's PROOF of Concept Film Festival, Channel 101, Silver Lake Shorts, New Film Underground Volume 8, Loose Frames

script episodes 1, 2 & 3 script excerpts 

pitch deck (password protected)


Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 4.16.49 PM.png

The Glass Eye
Short Film- Animated Horror

Two sisters grow increasingly uneasy with the constant surveillance and unwanted presence of two entities that have attached themselves to their parents. 

(complete pitch deck and script coming May 2024)


Spec Scripts

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 1.38.54 PM.png

I Think You Should Leave 
Sketch Comedy - Spec Script

Sam unloads emotionally on his new phone's GPS and gets frustrated when it interrupts him.

sketch excerpt


Bob's Burgers
Animated Comedy - Spec Script

Tina, Louise and Gene find a mysterious creature washed up on the beach while Bob and Linda discover one of Gayle's cats stuck inside the wall of the restaurant.

In consideration for Nickelodeon Animation Writing Program 2023-2024

script excerpt


VO &  Digital Video Scripts

A Possessed Nun's Letter From The Devil
Haunting History Episode - Produced for Buzzfeed


A tortured soul in an isolated monastery pens a letter written in a cryptic language that would remain a mystery for over three-hundred years.

script excerpt


The Arsenic Fashion That Killed Victorians
Haunting History Episode - Produced for Buzzfeed


On this episode of Haunting History, James Troup and Dominique Dibbell discuss a mysterious 19th century figure - that initially inspired terror, and later intrigue - and theorize whether this figure was ever a real person at all.

script excerpt


Spring-Heeled Jack - The Demon of London
Haunting History Episode - Web Series Produced for Buzzfeed


On this episode of Haunting History, James Troup and Dominique Dibbell discuss a mysterious 19th century figure - that initially inspired terror, and later intrigue - and theorize whether this figure was ever a real person at all.


link to full script


Why Conspiracy Theorists Believe Reebok's Tabi Shoes Are Satanic
One Dumb Conspiracy - Web Series Produced for Daily Dot


Reebok recently released a pair of sneakers that sparked feverish accusations. Are the new shoes actually evil, or is the online concern just part of America's new digital Satanic Panic? Find out in the first episode of "One Dumb Conspiracy."

link to full script


Thesis Script

Windmill City
Student Thesis Film - Short

As two people adjust to life after college, they also enter into a new phase of their relationship. Having been together for a couple years, they must learn to juggle their jobs, passions and each other in order for their relationship to grow.


Awards: Snowtown Film Festival North Country Filmmaker Award

script excerpt 



articles & blogs

scripts & screenplay excerpts

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