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Screenwriting Artist Statement

I'm a writer who's fascinated by the strangeness of real life. I love describing experimental visuals, building strange worlds and creating odd characters. Some genres I love are sitcom, sketch comedy, surreal humor, absurdism, sci-fi/fantasy, horror, surreal/experimental drama, and social realism. Some script formats I've experimented with are short film, quarter-hour shorts, sketches, half-hour comedy, and half-hour drama.


My goal is to work in scripted development for animated and live-action television, short film and feature film.


My professional experience with writing began fairly early on - in middle school I had a couple of poems published, and would often experiment with short story writing. At sixteen, I was hired part-time to write as a freelance journalist, and wrote articles varying in length and topic throughout high school and college. During the early days of the pandemic, I was hired to write listicles for ScreenRant on some of my favorite TV shows and films. Once I found work as a video producer, I developed and wrote dozens of narration & voiceover scripts, along with unscripted documentary-style interview outlines for long-form videos on paranormal & true crime topics.

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Social Links

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Completed Screenplays & Scripts

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Lyta & Tala's Snowbound Survival School
Half-Hour Series Pilot - Dram-edy , Post-Apocalyptic 

Five new survivors arrive at an Inuit-run sanctuary community, which serves as one of the only safe places left in a post-apocalyptic nuclear winter.

In consideration for NBC TV Writers Program 2023

script excerpt (password protected)


Half-Hour Series Pilot - Stoner Comedy

Three Friends entering into their 2nd semester at their local community college vow to break into the school's infamous hippie clique - but they soon realize the people and lifestyle they'd been idolizing isn't everything they thought it was.

In consideration for NBC TV Writers Program 2023

script excerpt (password protected)



I Think You Should Leave 
Sketch Comedy - Spec Script

Sam unloads emotionally on his new phone's GPS and gets frustrated when it interrupts him.

sketch excerpt (password protected)


Trash Cats
Web Series & Quarter-Hour Sitcom Shorts 

A group of townies struggle to change their hedonistic ways in the underbelly of a seemingly-picturesque college town.

Pilot currently in the festival circuit for Summer 2023

Official selections: Channel 101, Silver Lake Shorts, New Film Underground

pitch deck (password protected)

scripts 1-3 excerpts (password protected)


Windmill City
Student Film - Short

As two people adjust to life after college, they also enter into a new phase of their relationship. Having been together for a couple years, they must learn to juggle their jobs, passions and each other in order for their relationship to grow.


Winner: North Country Filmmaker Award

script excerpt (password protected)


articles & blogs

scripts & screenplay excerpts

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