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Image by Evie S.

Matzo Ball Soup ~ Stop-Motion Animated Sequences

These drawings were for four animated sequences I produced for a feature-length documentary on the history of Matzo Ball Soup. The goal was to illustrate - in a comedic way - how the dish was made. 

matzo ball storyboard page 1.jpg
matzo ball storyboard page 2.jpg
matzo ball soup doc storyboard page 3.jpg
Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 5.59.58 PM.png

Edit Demo Storyboard ~ 60 Second Reel 

This storyboard was to demonstrate how I would edit a reel. I was given a series of clips, still images and gifs along with the challenge to plan out the rough edit without actually editing anything. 


Cigarette Butts Bumper 1 ~ Stop-Motion Animated Sequences 

This storyboard is for an indie sketch comedy show currently in production. It's one of two animated bumpers that will appear between sketches. 


more coming soon!

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