My name is Maria Antoniette Norris. I'm an independent filmmaker with interests in animation, experimental, documentary and realist filmmaking.

I grew up in a suburban town called Skaneateles about a half-hour from Syracuse, New York. I currently live in Los Angeles. 

I am a recent summa cum laude graduate of the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. I currently work as a freelance animator and content writer, but I have previous professional experience in editing, sound recording & design, and Art Department production work.  

I started my career in media working as a freelance journalist & photographer through high school before studying radio, television & film production in junior college. Initially when I transferred to Syracuse University, I was enrolled in the Women & Gender Studies program, entering the Film & Transmedia program a couple semesters later. During my time in the Women & Gender Studies program, I was hired as a videographer, editor, social media coordinator and occasional transcriber for the Feminist Freedom Warriors.


In the Film & Transmedia program, we were taught "total filmmaking" -  studying film history and the technical aspects of production as well as writing, producing and directing our own films at least once per semester. I also had the opportunity to further study European cinema and cinematography in Bologna Italy for VPA's Bologna Film Program


I'm especially interested in animation, and had the privilege of studying traditional, computer, stop motion, and drawn-on-film direct animation under David Hicock, Gail Hoffman, and Kelly Gallagher.

I firmly believe that film is one of the most powerful mediums of art, and part of the responsibility of it for me is being honest about people, showing who they are flaws and all, and being honest about our problems. Social issues are a huge passion of mine, and I think it's important to use film as a tool to bring attention to the many different struggles that people face in our society, especially those on the margins of it.



Electronic Media Communications - SUNY Onondaga Community College


Syracuse University - College of Visual & Performing Arts (Film & Transmedia BFA)

College of Arts & Sciences (Women & Gender Studies Minor)

Screenings & Awards


Windmill City

Indie Short Fest -  Best Experimental Short [July] - Finalist

                                   - Best First Time Director (Female) - Finalist

                                           (Los Angeles, California USA) 


Twin Rivers Media Festival - Animation Competition - Official Selection (Asheville, North Carolina USA)

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Something You Can't Break

Indie Short Fest - Best Music Video [July] - Finalist

                                          - Best Original Song - Finalist

                                         (Los Angeles, California USA)

By Your Side

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Maria on set of 'Windmill City'