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Long-Form Episodic Videos 

Short-Form / Social First


Forest Phenomenon  series created for Buzzfeed Unsolved Network

Forest Phenomenon was a miniseries I created for Buzzfeed Unsolved Network that explored backcountry cold cases such as missing hikers, along with crypids, paranormal happenings and general mysteries taking place in the North American wilderness. 


I collaborated with Buzzfeed's research team to script each episode, designed the set and implemented art direction with Buzzfeed's in-house Art Department, and lighting with cinematographer Steven Gatti. One of the main goals for the creative direction of the series was to invoke a more cinematic visual style, with moody, earthy colors and measured camera movement rather than the bright color palettes, typical studio lighting and fast-paced editing of most traditional Buzzfeed videos. I wanted the audience to feel as though they were sitting around the campfire alongside the hosts as they told scary stories in the woods.

I cast Carolina Reynoso and Mei Eldridge for our pilot episode, and added Steffany Wing for the subsequent episodes. After directing and shooting each episode, I was responsible for all post-production processes including full edits, review and packaging for publishing.


Pilot Episode Creative Brief

E2 & E3 Lookbook

I Survived - unscripted mini-doc episodes 

I Survived is an unscripted interview series first created in 2020 by EP Branden Smith which involved survivors of tragic events and disasters telling their stories. I wanted to continue the series but through a more narrow lens of social justice and include survivors of structural and institutional violence.

I produced two episodes for this series, one featuring Nancy Kyoko Oda, who spoke on her early life, her family's history, and her birth within the Tule Lake Incarceration Centerwhere Japanese-Americans were forced to relocate and held against their will during World War II. 

The second episode featured an interview with Eden Kanela - an LA resident with Choctaw Nation roots - who spoke about her family history, re-connecting with her culture, healing generational trauma and her great great grandmother's time spent in a Native American boarding 

Haunting History  episodes produced for Buzzfeed Unsolved Network

This was a series created by fellow filmmaker and animator Carol Rasaphangthong that I took over as lead producer in 2021. The episodes covered macabre, tragic, paranormal and infamous events, both true & legendary, in human history - especially ones that defined the zeitgeist of a particular era. I wanted to expand on the series by adding on-screen talent, incorporate stop-motion animated clips and relevant archive footage to supplement stock video and images. This gave the episodes a more stylized, "vintage" historical look and also got the audience acquainted with new talent following the departure of Buzzfeed's flagship show, Unsolved with Ryan & Shane. After going through auditions, I cast James Troup and Dominique Dibbell who eventually became the main faces of Haunting History.
I created 30 episodes for this series.

Haunting History

Haunting History

Haunting History
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The Intense and Brutal Lives of Ancient Rome's Gladiators

The Intense and Brutal Lives of Ancient Rome's Gladiators

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A Possessed Nun’s Letter From The Devil

A Possessed Nun’s Letter From The Devil

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Who Were The Radium Girls?

Who Were The Radium Girls?

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The History Of Black Cats

The History Of Black Cats

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One Dumb Conspiracy - explainer video series created for the daily dot

This was a series I developed and created for The Daily Dot in 2023 based on their One Dumb Conspiracy Newsletter. These episodes covered and debunked internet conspiracies from the last couple of years to present-day. Along with referencing the newsletters, I did additional research to write each script, helped develop the visual style and pitched original artwork for the series. 

Original Show Concept Art

social vids

short form & Social-First videos   
reated for Tiktok, instagram & other social media platforms

Videos I Created, Produced & Edited

(originally found on Buzzfeed News'
Instagram before its untimely deletion)

Social Clips I Edited or Helped Edit

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Videos I Created & Produced - Repackaged as Short-Form by Buzzfeed for TikTok & YT Shorts

Video thumbnails  created with Adobe photoshop

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